Oracle Database 11g vs. Microsoft SQL Server 2008

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Oracle Database 11g vs. Microsoft SQL Server 2008
2012-04-05 19:32:20

Oracle 11g vs SQL Server 2008 Report

Author : jameswiseman

This was brought to my attention today, and made for interesting reading:

Oracle Database 11g vs. Microsoft SQL Server 2008Oracle 11g

The report claims in its �Executive Summary� that Oracle 11g holds a substantial advantage over SQL Server, and alleges the following high level points:

  • Oracle is faster for DBAs to perform administrative functions
  • Oracle has fewer steps for standards RDBMS tasks
  • Increased Oracle DBA productivity due to lower complexity and higher efficiency
  • Oracle has architectural and functional capabilities for backup and recovery beyond those offered by SQL Server
  • Oracle demonstrates significant time savings with regard to performance diagnostics and tuning

Later in the Rationale section, however is the following statement:

Oracle has sponsored the studies in response to a challenge made by Edison to Oracle claims that Oracle Database was significantly easier and thus less costly to manage than the other major database management systems.

Which, of course, makes me suspicious. Regardless of Edison�s so-called �challenge�, the report is still sponsored by Oracle (and published on their web site), and I would have been surprised if this came back in SQL Server�s favour.

Predictably, Microsoft has published a response denouncing these claims. It alleges the following: SQL Server 2008

  • The report has unverifiable metrics and inconsistent interpretation of results
  • The report is not based on �real-world; data
  • SQL Licensing Costs are cheaper
  • Oracle databases consistently suffer from more security vulnerabilities
  • Security patching not reflected in true cost of operating Oracle 11g

Source : Oracle Database 11g vs. Microsoft SQL Server 2008


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