How to read .epub ebook

Cara membaca ebook epub, berikut informasi software yang bisa membaca ebook epub
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Ebooks in the Format: ePub

The ebook editions of our paperback books are available in two formats: PDF and ePub. The PDF format is primarily designed for reading on desktop and laptop computers. (But of course, many portable devices can easily read PDF documents.) The new ePub format reads beautifully on iPhones, iPods, and a number of PDAs and ebook readers. And is also possible, and fun, to read the ePub ebooks on your desktop or laptop computer.

Read ePub Online

  • BookWorm from O’Reilly Labs. Not only for reading ePub ebooks, BookWorm lets can store your ePub library online. And expect future upgrades to this already-excellent interface.

Read ePub on Your iPod or iPhone

Read ePub on Your Desktop Computer or Laptop Computer

  • Stanza from Lexcycle. Stanza comes in a number of editions; to read ePub on your desktop computer or laptop, you want what is called “Stanza Desktop.” Download the software, install it, and then it will let you read the ePub ebooks. Right now, the Desktop version is free and in beta; in a few months, the company might charge just a little bit, and improve the features.(For Windows and Mac OS computers.)
  • Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is an ebook reader, and an ebook library manager. (For Windows and Mac OS computers.)
  • Book Glutton. There’s a lot going on at the Book Glutton website, and one of the many nice things about it is their online ePub reader. You can store your ebooks here, and download them to your computer or iPod. Also, you can read your ebooks online. Book Glutton’s motto is “A new way to read online.”
  • Calibre. Calibre is an open source ebook reader, and ebook library manager, that can read ePub files. It works with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
  • FB Reader. This is a free ePub reader for Linux, and Windows XP and Vista.
  • Azardi. Azardi is now in the beta version, but it looks very promising.

Read ePub on Dedicated Ebook Reader Devices

  • Textr. Textr is a new ebook reading device, that is scheduled to be released in Germany in Fall 2009.
  • Sony Reader (models PRS-505 and PRS-700). Bravo to Sony, for recently making their ebook readers capable of reading the ePub format.
  • Pixelar. The new Pixelar ebook reader is a polyglot that can read these formats: PDF, MOBI, DOC, WOLF, MP3, HTML, TXT, CHM, FB2, Djvu, PNG, TIF, GIF, BMP, JPG, PPT, LIT, PRC — and EPUB.
  • BEBOOK ereader. Bebook can read a number of formats, including EPUB.

Read ePub on PDAs and Phones

There are too many to list here. Check the website of your hardware device for information about how to read ePub ebooks and ePub documents.

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